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The civic association Sun Ray was founded on the basis of many years of experience and the enthusiasm of people who participated in therapy visits organized for children with cancer or other serious illness and for children from orphanages. The emergence of the civic association was initiated by the need to create an organization that would guarantee the quality of such stays. In recent years, there has been a rotation of organizations arranging the stays and they have been slightly different each year. The method of financing was rather random and unsystematic and was partly funded by the state, parents, and various charity organizations. What was relatively stable was a group of people who traveled with the children on the curative stays and cared for them. Over the span of more than ten years, the team caring for children became stable, and, to a certain degree, became more professional. Doctors, physiotherapists, educators and animators created an outline of how such a curative stay should look.

This is a unique project for the rehabilitation of children who are very ill with a range of adverse and residual effects after cancer therapy, with the option of helping these children in terms of somatic, medical, mainly physiotherapy, breathing exercises. At the same time, these children are often spending time in a group for the first time in a long time, and this project is thus serves the development of psychosocial habits, needs and rehabilitation after long-term treatment. The participation of children from orphanages in the project contributes to the outstanding confrontation of children who, as oncology patients or those who are otherwise severely ill, receive extensive parental love with children who are relatively healthy, but do not know such parental love. The priority remains to improve not only the medical states of these children, but also to attempt to improve their quality of life, especially in psychosocial sense.

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