Dear Artists,

We’ve received several requests and ideas about teachers’ knowledge sharing on how to work with specific groups of students. If you want to get info or share your experience on some issues/topics let’s all share our best practices and knowledge.

Because we would like to keep meetings as informal as possible, we suggest splitting into small groups where languages will not pose a barrier and share experiences with each other. As an example, we can have 4 tables where discussions can be in Turkish, English, Czech and Russian.

Here are some ideas that might be worthy of discussion:

Art Teacher Toolbox: Best Practices for Teaching
o   Effective teaching: What works and what doesn’t
o   Teach students to look at art

Teaching kids 4-16
o   How to motivate kids to practice: Best practices on what works and what doesn’t
o   Designing and delivering arts programs for kids
o   Let them disagree with you: find more than one route to a solution, and more than one solution to a problem
o   Encourage family involvement
o   Try to stop caring what your kids achieve: emphasize process rather than product

Teaching adults and kids with limited abilities
o   Cerebral palsy
o   Down’s syndrome
o   Autism еtс

Benefits of Arts in Aging
o   Best practices on what works and what doesn’t with elders
o   Designing and delivering arts programs for older adults
o   Planning a workshop for adults with cognitive disabilities

Masters who want to share and discuss in a groups following topics please email or submit your ideas for discussions in round tables to