About 5th World Ebru Day

Ebru – is a mysterious and fantastic world created through paint and water
Ebru – is a centuries old art form wrapped in mystery and secrets for centuries.

Interesting Facts:

        • There are today only about 1000-1500 practicing Ebru artists in the world, World Ebru Day was created to show you Ebru art and meet Ebru practitioners from all corners of the earth.
        • World Ebru day will include works from hundreds of Ebru artists, giving you a chance to see works from many talented and otherwise unknown artists who make up the core of the Ebru world.
        • To see Ebru is to see an art form that immediately impresses you with the movement and rhythm of the images. Even more captivating can be witnessing the process of creating the images live on water and transferring them to paper, textiles, and other media. Seeing an Ebru artist work will reveal the infinite possibilities and magic of Ebru.
        • Ebru is not exclusively an art form for experienced practitioners. Ebru is very accessible to all who would like to participate. Ebru is also an art that creates openings and bridges through which art therapists can reach out and communicate with their patients.
        • The Ebru community may be small, but it is by no means a closed community. Practitioners of Ebru come from every walk of life, from every corner of the world. Ebru is practiced by Master Artists, enthusiasts and even children. Ebru is an inclusive and enjoyable part of life, and we could all use more of that in this world.

Ebru Art is officially listed by UNESCO in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity thanks to the efforts of Ebru artist Atilla Can. It was a long and challenging process of five and a half years during which Atilla remained steadfast and determined, resulting in Ebru’s addition to the United Nations’ world cultural heritage list in 2014. And this year will be the second anniversary of this important event.

Since 2012, under the patronage of Attila Can, World Ebru day has been held annually. Over the past four years the event has been hosted in beautiful cities across Turkey where Ebru artists have shared their knowledge and techniques.

In 2016, Prague was awarded the honor to host the 5th World Ebru day (Which has now expanded to a full week). The mystery and beauty of Prague promises to be a deep and memorable match for the Ebru world.

The organizers of this event, Xenia Sulimenko and Šárka Duran are proud to bring their extensive experience in Ebru, their involvement in the Ebru community and their expertise in business and event organization to bear for the benefit of World Ebru Day.

All the organizational work for this event was conducted by MSB Events, which for many years has specialized in multi-faceted conferences around the world.

Why you have to come and see this?

            • For the first time, the family of the World Ebru Day will showcase the work of children. Ebru is a rare art with a high degree of dedication and loyalty. Thus, many masters pass on their knowledge to their children starting as early as they can hold a brush. We’d like to honor the masters by showcasing some amazing works by the newest generation of Ebru artists aged 3-16.
            • Within the framework of the World Ebru Day will be presented to the final result of the Iinternational Ebru Patchwork Project. The inspiration for this World record project is one of the organizers, Šárka Duran. Šárka and Xenia gathered 196 artists from 37 countries to create an Ebru patchwork that covers 84.864 square meters. The official measurement was done June 5, 2016 in Dobrovice museum with support of Dobrovice mayor Mgr.Tomáš Sedlaček. The work was stitched into a single piece and was recognized by the Czech Book of Records, as well as nominated for the World Guinness Book of Records!!
            • We are also VERY excited to dedicate our efforts for World Ebru Day to create an interactive and inclusive atmosphere. During the exhibition, artists will host a series of public workshops, where you can not only see the beauty of the mysterious art of Ebru, but also work side by side in workshops with practicing Ebru artists, masters and friends of all ages.
            • Ebru works from Ebru artists will be exhibited and will be for sale, with the proceeds donated to charities selected by the organizers. You can find more information on the charities in section “We support”.
            • For visitors to Prague, we have arranged accommodation for all at deeply discounted prices. You can also book transfers to and from the airport and select excursions outside of Prague by checking the ‘Prague Guests‘ section.

The first 350 registered visitors will receive complimentary 1 day ticket + 50 registered visitors will receive complimentary full week ticket.
Get you promo code for complimentary ticket or discount here.

This event will let you see Ebru art, create Ebru art and meet the masters of Ebru art, all in the romantic and beautiful city of Prague.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are so happy to share it with you.

We are waiting for you impatiently,
Xenia and Šárka


P.S. You can watch some videos of the process of creating Ebru here.